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Website Maintenance Services

We are not undertaking new projects at present.

Need to update the content on your website? Want your latest photo added? Let us do it for you. Keeping your site fresh encourages people to return. Poor maintenance is a sure way of losing visitors, perhaps permanently. We at Perfect Editing Solutions specialize in Website Maintenance for personal and small business websites.

Keep your customers informed with consistently updated information on your website. Perfect Editing Solutions will update text, images, events, change of address, anything you need updated. Our flexibility allows you to choose to update on a monthly basis or on a per case basis, whichever suits you better. Changes should be e-mailed to us for inclusion into the website. Just email the photos and we are happy to place them correctly throughout your site. The same goes for updated text, articles and new links.

Why is Website Maintenance necessary?

People expect sites on the Internet to be constantly changing. If your website is static and unchanging, no one would want to come back again - they have already seen it, so why would they return to visit the same site again? The only major way to get them to come back is to change the content of your website constantly and to be sure that your visitors know it is changing. So, don't just make and keep your website; maintain it as well.

What can we do for Website Maintenance?

Add, remove or change text 
Add articles, links to existing pages
Scan, crop and make sure your images are web ready
Add photographs or images

Website Maintenance Pricing Policy

  • Pay Per Incident - Pay for website maintenance as needed, based on current hourly rates.
  • Pay Per Month - The monthly web maintenance fee varies dependent on the amount of changes per month but generally allows for two hours of changes per month.

The table below will help you understand our Website Maintenance fees:
Web Maintenance Options Web Maintenance Name Price
Option One Pay Per Incident Email for a Quote
Option Two Pay Per Month Email for a Quote

Note: Website Maintenance services apply to changes to your existing design. Web Maintenance does not apply to redesigning an entire page or site. Also, the Website Maintenance price will depend on the complexity to maintain a web page.

How does the Website Maintenance service work?

1. Place an order and pay us in advance.

2. E-mail the photos at, subject - Website Maintenance. The same goes for updated text and new links.

3. We will respond by e-mail with our comments, normally within 1-2 days. If you do not hear back from us, it means your message has not reached us, so please send it again.

Let Perfect's Website Maintenance Services keep your site current, which will make your customers happy and satisfied and also keep them loyal to your business.

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