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Tips for Writing an Apology Letter

All of us have, at one time or another, said or done
something that we wish we hadn't said or done. Instead
of brooding over the mistake, we should take quick
action to solve the problem. An effective letter of
apology is an important part of that process and can
help improve a relationship.

Tips for writing an apology letter:

TIMING. Write the apology letter as soon as possible.

ACTIONS. Be positive. Rather than focusing on the damage
you have done, write about things you will do to rectify the

BRIEF. Keep your apology letter short and to the point.

Language. Choose your words carefully and express
yourself clearly and simply.

TONE. Your apology letter should be considerate and
respectful. Remember, you are trying to mend a
damaged relationship.

BLAME. Take full responsibility for what you have done.

FOLLOW UP. Try to set up a time when you can
apologize in person; then maintain your good behavior in
the future as well.


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