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5 Tips for Better English Writing

1. Capitals

Do not capitalize words in the middle of a
sentence Just To Provide Emphasis Like This. If you
want to be more emphatic consider using bold face,
italics, color or larger text.

2. Numbers
Write numbers as words in the following case:
From 1 to 9 (in journalism, science, or business);
from 1 to 99 (for literary writing).

3. Avoid Redundancy
Redundancy is a common error in writing. Redundancy
is saying the same thing twice. Eliminating redundancies
can greatly sharpen your writing.

Some Redundant expressions:

future plans
unexpected surprise
past history
original founder
added bonus

4. Abbreviations
English uses several Latin expressions which are often
abbreviated. However, in formal writing the English
version should be spelled out.

Here is a list of common Latin abbreviations.

e.g. = for example
etc. = and so forth
i.e. = that is
viz. = namely
vs. = versus

5. Use of I or me
A common grammatical error is in the use of I or me,
especially in compound constructions. For example:

‘Lucy and me are going for dinner tomorrow’ is incorrect,
but ‘Lucy and I are going for dinner tomorrow’ is correct.
This is because if it was just “I” who was going alone,
we would say ‘I am going for dinner tomorrow’, not
‘Me is going for dinner tomorrow’.

In the same way, ‘The document was signed by Jack
and I’ is incorrect. It should be ‘The document was signed
by Jack and me’, because you wouldn’t say ‘The document
was signed by I’ if it was only “I” signing the document.
You would say ‘The document was signed by me’.
So the rule to remember is: Use I when it is the subject of
the verb, and me as the object of preposition.


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