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To the kind people at PES,

Thank you for the impressive work! There are many aspects that I really like about your edit. Thus, I want my other documents to get proofread and edited.

B. Chong, Canada

Hi Rumki,

The edited word documents really opened my eyes to the extent of the problems on our website. I think you have done a great job, I am very pleased with your findings and the corrections to those problems. I like the way you write and point out problems.

Joel Katona ...Canada

To Perfect Editing Solutions,

We appreciate your effort of creating all the articles for our site. We found your write-ups well structured and well written for a SEO copy. The keyword repetition through out the articles and in the headings is what we really desired from the copies. Thank you for your support. Its great working with you!


I am well pleased with your work. Thanks so much for your help. I really needed it as you could tell. Thanks also for the quick response, May God bless you.

Paula Holloway...Canada

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