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Ensure that your resume is effective enough to create the correct impact.

The main aim of your resume is to create adequate impression upon your hiring manager about your potentiality, experience along with the contribution you will make at his or her place of employment.

Clearly identify your skills. Don't be modest in mentioning them. This will distinguish you from the other job seekers and eventually will help your potential employers to select you from the rest. Include any relevant education or training that might relate.

Review your job descriptions. Starting with your present position, list the title of every job you've held, along with the name of the company, the city and state, and the years you worked there. Under each position, make a list of your job responsibilities. Write your resume in such a way that will quite simply explain an employer what you can do to help them resolve their needs.

Target your resume to the job you are seeking, Add related qualifications and interests. Think about anything else that might qualify you for your job objective. This includes licenses, certifications, affiliations, and sometimes even interests if they truly relate. For example, if you want a job in sports marketing, stating on your resume that you play tennis would make you a suitable candidate. Very often candidates make the mistake of providing details of a previous post that bear no relevance or significance to their current job search.

Proofread each section for completeness and accuracy. Spelling and grammatical errors can automatically disqualify a resume from consideration. Make your resume positive and completely error-free. If you're seeking two or three different positions, prepare two or three separate resumes, each tailored to the job you're after.

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