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Resume Mistakes
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Please avoid the following mistakes while writing your resume. The following information is neither necessary nor beneficial for your resume.

Age / Sex / Marital Status

These details do not determine your ability to perform your job and must not occupy a place within your resume.


This information is unnecessary for your resume. Present it later when this will be requested of you as your application progresses to the final stages.

Voluntary Work

Unless there is a direct and positive link with the job you are applying for, omit this out of your resume. Some employers may appreciate your commitment to social work but others may find it as a potential distraction.

Employer Information

It is not necessary to include your current Employer Information details in your resume. You will be asked at interview if this information is required.


Do not mention details of your expected remuneration. Giving this detail will either undersell you or overprice you.


There are many risks involved in lying, but many job applicants don't seem to get the message about the risks of lying. Once the untruth is discovered, you will lose your job. If there are areas that you prefer not to disclose, do not mention about them in your resume. Just don't lie - be honest.

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling and grammatical errors can automatically disqualify a resume from consideration. Regardless of your qualifications and experience, if you make mistakes on your resume, hiring managers will assume you will be equally careless on the job. After you've finalized your cover letter and resume, check and recheck them for errors in spelling or punctuation. Proofread your document carefully.                   

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