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How To Present Your Resume

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Make your resume positive and completely error-free. The following are some tips about how to present your resume:

Resume Length

Keep the resume short. However, in the case of technical people, IT for example, resumes can extend to three pages in order to incorporate relevant technical information. Listing only your most relevant and essential jobs will help shorten your resume. Your achievements for each employer also should be concise. Summarize your previous employment experiences to reduce length if necessary.


Give more importance on content than on looks. If the document lacks eye appeal, few people will review it. Use white paper, and make the thoughts flow smoothly. Producing a document that is well presented, detailed and targeted will attract the attention of your hiring manager.

Drawing Attention

Write four or five sentences that give an overview of your qualifications. This profile or qualifications summary should be placed at the beginning of your resume. You can include some of your personal traits or special skills that might have been difficult to get across in your job descriptions. This can become your objective statement that will give your reader a general idea of your area or areas of expertise. This profile section must be relevant to the type of job for which you're applying. Now move on to list your educational and professional qualifications, clearly identifying your skills.


Another common mistake is to change font regularly throughout the resume. This is distracting and confusing. Also, avoid using fancy fonts. They are not inviting to read, and many people discard resumes that use them. Don't use underlining or italics to add emphasis.

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