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Top 6 Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

- Rumki Sen

1. One page

Your resume should be one-page long.

2. No pronoun

You resume should not contain the pronouns I or
me. That is how we normally structure sentences,
but since your resume is a document about your person,
using these pronouns is actually redundant.

3. No jargon or slang

Slang should never be used in a resume. As for
technical jargon, do not expect that the employer will
know what you are talking about. The person who will
read your resume for the first time might not have
any technical expertise.

4. Exclusive e-Mail Ids

Use only one (or maximum 2) e-mail id exclusively
for the purpose of recruitments.

5. Start with education

The entry-level candidates should put their
education information near the top of their resumes,
unlike the experienced professionals, who list their
degrees and certificates at the end of the resume.

6. Proofread it twice

After you have finalized your resume, check it
repeatedly for errors in spelling, grammar, or
punctuation. A resume with lots of grammatical
errors and spelling mistakes drives recruiters
crazy. If you cant proofread your resume yourself,
get a friend or a professional do it for you!


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