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Top 5 Resume Myths

Your resume must be only one page.

Your resume should be as long as needed. If your
experience and background justifies two or more
pages, so be it. Recent graduates should have
one-page resume, but senior executives with many
years of experience will probably need at least three

If your resume is good, it will produce a job offer.

Your resume is only a part of the entire process.
To succeed in your job search, you need to have a
high-quality resume supported by a well-written
cover letter. The success rate depends to a great
extent on 3 factors i.e. the quality of your resume
and cover letter, the market position of your skill set,
and your performance in the interview.

Fancy formatting matters.

It doesn’t. Even bullets on a resume can sometimes
cause encoding problems. The best format to use is
the simplest.

White lies are OK

Honesty is the best policy. There are many risks involved
in lying, but many job applicants don't seem to get the
message about the risks of lying. Once the untruth is
discovered, you will lose your job. If there are areas
that you prefer not to disclose, do not mention about
them in your resume. Just don't lie - be honest.

Your references must be listed on the resume itself.

A separate page should be used as a reference sheet.
Present it later when this will be requested of you as
your application progresses to the final stages.

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