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Instant Cover Letters

In just 3 1/2 minutes you will have an amazing cover letter ...  without writing a word. Use "Amazing Cover Letter Creator" over and over again for all your cover letter needs. It creates cover letters for any career situation...position...and job level!

Introducing the brand new "Amazing Cover Letter Creator" - the simplest way to create or improve your job search cover letter! It also includes ALL the other cover letters you will want to use in your career... Follow-up, Thank you, Networking, etc. Plus, HOW to use them most effectively!

  • The amazing follow up cover letter!
  • The amazing thank you cover letter!
  • The amazing networking cover letter!
  • The amazing acceptance cover letter!
  • The amazing "all-in-one" resume cover letter!
  • Plus, many more!

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'Instant' Cover Letters Without Writing!

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator is the most unique resume/cover letter/job search tool on the Internet today. It solves the frustrating problem job seekers have when trying to write an effective resume cover letter. Its main features are as follows:

  • Includes a special section to make your cover letter "e-mail friendly!"
  • No complicated software, all you need is the new, Amazing Cover Letter Creator and any word processor! (Microsoft Word, etc.)
  • Easy for PC or MAC users! (For MAC users, you will use our web-based Amazing Cover Letter Creator)! 
  • Just point and click your mouse. All the hard work is already done for you! 
  • Creates cover letters for any career situation...position...and job level!
  • Use it over and over again for all your cover letter needs. 

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator is a digital product that can be purchased anytime day or night. You can download it right to your own computer or use its online version.

Perfect recommends the brand new Amazing Cover Letter Creator to turbo-charge your job search today. We professionally write resumes and cover letters for our clients, but with Amazing Cover Letters, you can create MANY cover letters for the price that we would charge for ONE COVER LETTER! With Amazing Cover Letters, you can pick the format and tips best suited to you and your career.

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