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English Grammar Lessons - Adverbs


Adverbs tell us in what way someone does something. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs.

Adjectives tell us something about a person or a thing.
Adjectives can modify nouns or pronouns.

For example:
Rita is a careful driver. (Adjective)
Rita drives carefully. (Adverb)

Rita is a careful driver. This sentence is about Rita, the driver, so use the adjective.

Rita drives carefully. This sentence is about her way of driving, so use the adverb.

Adjective + -ly

Adjective                    Adverb
dangerous                   dangerously
careful                        carefully
nice                            nicely
easy                           easily

Irregular forms
good                           well
fast                             fast
hard                            hard

If the adjective ends in -le, the adverb ends in -ly.
Example: terrible - terribly

If the adjective ends in -e, then add -ly.
Example: safe - safely

Tip: Not all words ending in -ly are adverbs.

Types of adverbs:

1) Adverbs of manner: quickly, kindly

2) Adverbs of degree: very, rather

3) Adverbs of frequency: often, sometimes

4) Adverbs of time: now, today

5) Adverbs of place: here, nowhere



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