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5 Tips for Writing a Brand New Cover Letter

Be friendly. Start you letter with a warm greeting.
Example:     Thank you for listing your description of
                   the position of accounts manager now
                   open at your company.

Be focused. Stick to the point of your cover letter.
Example:      My experience as an assistant
                    accounts manager has motivated
                    me to move to a new level of leadership.
                    I feel ready to assume the full
                    responsibilities of accounts manager.

Be forthright. State your goal.
Example:        May we meet in person to talk over this
                      job? I'd be interested to hear what you're
                      looking for in the person you hire and to
                      share in details why I believe I'm qualified
                      for this position.

Be far-sighted. See what's ahead.
Example:          I plan to invest myself in the company
                        for the long run and to do my best to
                        promote its mission and vision.

Be firm.  Say what you mean.
Example: I've played sports all my life and know
               the value of performing and leading with
               integrity, enthusiasm, and commitment
               to reach the team's objective.

That's what Jimmy Sweeney, the President of CareerJimmy
and Author of the new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator"

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