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Top 5 Cover Letter Myths

A handwritten cover letter is best.

Employers may think you are far behind the times if
you don't use a computer's word processor.
Your only handwriting should be your signature at
the end.

Keep your cover letter really short.
There is no fixed rule of measurement for the length of
your cover letter. It depends upon the amount of
content you have to convey.

Your cover letter gets you a job.
To succeed in your job search, you need to have a
high-quality resume supported by a well-written
cover letter. The success rate depends to a great
extent on 3 factors i.e. the quality of your resume
and cover letter, the market position of your skill set,
and your performance in the interview..

You can talk about your personal life and feelings
in your cover letter.

Your cover letter talks about how your employer
can benefit from the special assets you offer. Introduce
yourself in such an interesting manner, highlighting
your key achievements and skills, that the reader will
not only continue reading your documents but also
be willing to call you for an interview.

Include salary history and expectations in your
cover letter

Do not mention details of your expected remuneration.
Giving this detail will either undersell you or overprice
you. Save the salary discussion for the interview.


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