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6 Cover Letter Mistakes You Make When Applying With E-Mail

1. Attaching the cover letter to the e-mail

Copy and paste the cover letter into the body of the

2. Writing your whole life story in the body of the

Keep your cover letter short.

3. Providing information that is not relevant to the

Give the hiring manager a brief overview of the most
relevant experience you have, appropriate to the position
they are trying to fill.

4. Excluding information they’ve specifically asked
you to include

Following instructions and acknowledging everything
the employer has asked you to address in the job ad
makes you look responsible.

5. Forgetting to tell them why you’re the best fit

Take the time to specifically and meticulously review the
job requirements. Then provide detailed information in
your cover letter mentioning how your job experiences
meet those needs.

6. Using a boring closing statement

Instead of using the same old boring line, write something
interesting to catch the hiring manager's attention.

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