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Check out our articles on Punctuation, English Grammar, Proofreading, Copyediting,  English Writing Tips, Resume Writing & Cover Letter Writing

Articles on English Grammar, Punctuation, Proofreading, Copyediting,  English Writing Tips:

  How To Use Punctuation

  Top 5 Rules of English Grammar

  What is an Anagram? (NEW)

  English Grammar - The Same Word Used As Different Parts of Speech

  English Grammar Lessons - Comparison of Adjectives

  English Grammar Lessons - Adverbs

  English Grammar Lessons - Gerunds

  Vowels & Consonants in English Grammar

  Importance of Proofreading

  Importance and Role of Copyediting

  Trim Wordy Expressions

  Use of ‘The’ and ‘A’

  5 Most Common Grammar Mistakes in English

  Use of 'Should Have' in English Grammar

  5 Tips for Better English Writing

  When to Write Thank-you / follow-up letters

  Tips for Writing an Apology Letter

  Search Engine Copywriting

  FMWs - Check out the Frequently Misused Words and Frequently Misspelled Words.

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Articles on Resume Writing & Cover Letter Writing

  How to Write a Resume That Stands Out From The Crowd

  6 Cover Letter Mistakes You Make When Applying With E-Mail

  6 Real-Life Examples of Cover Letter Blunders (NEW)

  Top 5 Resume Myths

  Top 5 Cover Letter Myths

  Top 10 Not Typical Job Interview Questions (NEW)

  Top 12 Job Interview Questions for Freshers (NEW)

  Proofreading Your Resume

  Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

  How to Write a Resume That Captures Attention

  Top 6 Resume Writing Tips for Freshers

  How To Format Your Resume

  How To Format Your Cover Letter

  5 Tips for Writing a Brand New Cover Letter

  Top 5 Resume Disasters

  Top 5 Resume Writing Tips for Experienced Individuals

  10 Deadly But Often-Made Resume Blunders to Avoid

  The 3 C's of Resume Preparation

  10 Resume Writing Tips

  10 Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter

  Don't Make These 8 Cover Letter Mistakes

  7 Steps to Writing an Amazing Cover Letter

  Job Interview Questions

  Interviewing Etiquettes (NEW)

  HOW to Stand Out from the Crowd by ASKING for the Job During the Interview!

  How to Write an Effective Resignation Letter (NEW)

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  Work from the Comfort of Your Home

  Promoting Your Business Using Blogs

  "Blogging" For Fun & Profits

  How to Write...

  Maximizing Your Internet Marketing Strategies

  Five Key Reasons To Accept Credit Cards on Your Web Site

  Ways To Cope With "Information Overload"

  8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

  Web Hosting: 4 Factors in Choosing a Hosting Company

  Behold The Power of Persistence

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