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Perfect Editing Solutions is a professional firm based in India providing proofreading and copyediting services for your English writings. We specialize in repairing and perfecting your  English writings by minutely checking for English grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, sentence fragments, web links etc. We identify and correct errors in word usage, awkward phrasing and paragraphing.

We also offer resume writing services. Besides proofreading and copyediting your existing resume and cover letter, we can also write them for you. We will prepare your resume and cover letter based on all the necessary information you provide us with.

Perfect Editing Solutions is an online service. We provide professional resume writing or proofreading/ editing services online. We work through e-mails and deliver our work online.

We are committed to professional service and high-quality work. With our expert management, we can consistently uphold these standards.

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Rumki Sen, the founder of Perfect Editing Solutions, is a first class first Honors graduate from Presidency College, Kolkata (Calcutta). She has also completed a 2 years computer course being 'Higher Diploma in Software Engineering' with ‘DISTINCTION’. She has worked with website designing and maintenance companies.

She loves to spend her time with her family and her laptop. Since childhood, she has this unique knack for making error-free documents. She is detail oriented and a perfectionist, and these skills have driven her to come into a profession where she gets the maximum opportunity to verify everything and present a perfect product to her clients.

We think it is important to let you know that we are what YOU make us. Therefore, we need your help all along. Keeping this in mind, we request you to help us in the following ways.

You can help us by either:

OPTION A: Giving Us Feedback About this Website

If you have any comment or suggestion about our Proofreading, Copyediting and Resume Writing Services' website, you can e-mail the comment or suggestion to info@perfectediting.com, subject - Feedback. Your feedback matters to us!

OPTION B: Recommending this Website

You could help this service by spreading the word around, through whatever means available to you. Perfect Editing Solutions will appreciate if you help in making this website popular. You can do so by recommending others to visit this website and by yourself visiting it as frequently as possible. Your active participation will keep the website alive and help us move forward.

You are most welcome to contact us. We shall be pleased to get in touch with you.


Rumki Sen

Founder & Owner,

Perfect Editing Solutions (PES)            

Email: rumki@perfectediting.com


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